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I love these characters, the artwork, the setting, the story, the worldbuilding. Everything. Every character is unique in interesting but likeable ways. Elie and Vivi are my favorite, but Niko is a close third.

I've been checking for updates every couple of days, I am so hooked.

I gotta say as well, major props to how the creator is so involved the community, always responding to comments and questions, and in such an amiable manner.

Knowing the game is being made by such attentive and friendly developers gives me hope. Can't wait for the game, great job with this story guys. Seriously.

Thank you so much!! We're glad you love the world and characters, and we hope we will continue to impress you. <3

Aaaa, I feel so bad now ahaha, you praised us so much for being really involved and then I didn't reply to this comment for 3 months! We've had a lot going on lately, I'm so sorry, I will try to be better in the future. </3

Anyway, thank you so much for your support! Seriously, it means a lot to us. <3