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Wow. Im not a furry but i really like this game. only palyed demo so far but havent finished yet. The physics are a sorta kinda little floaty but it works. mecanics are solid. action could use a little work. combat kind boring and needs to feel more like combat. harder. not something that be always run passed. no lag. no bugs yet. Art and animations are really good but they dont really feel crisp. unless thats a style choice and not a rendering issue. Not really into the 3D with the 2d but thats just preference so it doesnt effect my judgement on the game as a whole. music is nice. nsfw animations are great but could use more than cis male on male. Needs more bosses. Current bosses should probably feel like bosses . At the moment you can ran past  the big frog thing. unless that isnt a boss. but it feels like its supposed to be from where its placed? I do aagree with stlmtrdx that the game does feel too easy. A lot of it would ran straight passed without being stopped by enemies. And unlocking all animations on enemies isnt very clear. I thought i got all animations on one enemy but when i check the gallery there was still more. either this should be made easier or there needs to be a in game help to provide player guidance to how the win or loss scenes play out or something. the gameplay at the moment is more explorer platformer than metroidvaina. took a quick read through comments and patreon. this game is a good example of slow and steady development done right.  very good. ive seen hentai games on steam. is this game going to be on steam too? because this game already looks and plays so much better that games that are already on steam. noticed that the demo is around 4 version behind the patreon version. if this is how the demo is im very interested in seeing how the current version plays. probably going to move some patreon money over here. Overall a really good game with not many real issues and a lot of potential that is coming along nicely. I cant wait to see more.


not a furry

uh huh

Lmao in denial