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Good Job on getting procedural generation working in a short time! I'd be interested to see how you did it, if you're interested maybe you could do a small dev blog on the process?

As other people have said, I think the scope may have been a bit too big for such a short game jam. But nevertheless I think trying out something like proc gen in a jam is a cool learning experience!

Playing this made me think of a few videos I really like on building games, I thought you might find them interesting too:

  • A talk on making 2D shooters feel cool: here
  • Creator of Spelunky on making games and a bit of procedural generation: here
  • Talk on making sound effects (I very much liked your shooting sfx :) ): here
  • Also if you're interested in a simple way of working on the visuals of your game I would recommend thinking a bit more about how you choose colors. Personally I found this video on the subject very helpful.

Hope some of them are useful to you and good job on the game :)