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So charming! Love the little metroid reference, and the music fits the tone of the game perfectly. The end boss(?) also fits well into the tone.The game accomplishes a lot with it's simple, outline style - a style I might have to try out in the future. 

It's been said before, but I am curious why you decided to bind movement to the mouse. I'm guessing so that the player didn't need to move their hand when they checked their phone?

The mouse movement platforming controls were meant to mirror waving your phone for cell service but I don't think that came across cleanly. Keeping the movement to mouse only also kept tutorials simpler but intuitive did not equal precise or comfortable for a lot of players.

I kept the mouse controls because I think it's evocative and an interesting lesson but if you (or anyone!) would like to try the game with Keyboard controls there's a secret room in the bottom-right-most corner of the map that unlocks the alternate control scheme.

Thanks for the kind words and for asking! Hopefully this is at least illuminating for other game devs!