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Sorry, I wasn't clear: I CAN not install the demo, I get a message along the lines of "This title is hosted on an incompatible third party website"... install button is grayed out.

Hey! Please try it now. I changed my cloud provider service.

Unfortunately, the demo requires the creation of a mega account, and honestly I'd rather not. :(

I'll wait for now, but good luck with the rest of the dev. :)

Woah! I never taugth about, and don’t know about that.

Thank you for the info.

Currently i’m at work, but this is going to be the first thing I do at home.

If you find another hosting solution, I'll check it.

But in any case, being allowed to change the default keys is a must have for videogames: we don't have the same keyboard layouts (qwerty <> azerty).