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I really good game but there are some big bugs in it that need to be fixed. The first one being the church. Sometimes it works, but most times it doesn't do anything and you are left with your lust being on 50% or even 100%. Jessika seemed to work a little bit, but Mouse for me never worked at all, so that's a big issue. 

Also, I read that someone else's game wouldn't let them go into the forest and that's exactly what happened to me too. Except I didn't die, I just exited the game and it wouldn't let me enter it. 

Other than that, I found the game enjoyable and I can't wait to see an updated demo or the full game. A small suggestion is to add an animation when a character enters the church and not only help people understand when their character is done, but also to add to the games since it is an erotic game. 

Comments sent to JRX. thanks alot Crane :)

Your welcome!