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Thanks for the video, maybe we should give each game a different name, according to these, we can give this game the wrong button name. :) I also put this video of yours on the website under the game. I'll tell you a secret, try it. :) For games made in Gameboy Studio, characters are usually 16x16 pixels. The lower part of the sprite (ie the 16x8 area) monitors the collision. You die when you and the enemy's 16x8 area touch. That's why you can climb the stairs, but even if your head hits the enemy, you won't die, because the enemy's lower 16x8 area was in contact with your upper 16x8 area. Thank you very much for the experience once again!

Thanks for the cheat tips !

Always a pleasure to do your games and just back from travelling.  Thank you for putting the video on the website - really appricahted.