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I'm really happy I found this game. Firstly, it reminded me how much I love first-person puzzle games.

But more than that, it gives me optimism. I always wanted to make such a game, but always felt like a one-person team would never be able to achieve that. You have proven that assumption wrong. I've been messing about with Unity waiting for an idea to do something with. Maybe I'll have a try at this idea I've been sitting on for so long.

PS. I liked the spider level. I think it could be tweaked (e.g. making it shorter and the spider more aggressive to compensate), but overall that idea was decent.

Wow, thank you so much. I didn't realize creating something by myself could have an impact. Go for it! I believe in you. What worked for me was creating things sequentially, e.g. finishing the snowy tent area and moving on to the first level, second, third, elevator, mask forest, lake, etc. (Also why the spider area wasn't as polished and tested since I did it last and in a hurry.)