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I really like it. It is cool that the maps are taken from EUO, and it's incredibly satisfying to shoot those damn gremlins! I found the music set the ambiance well. I noticed a few times the music seemed to be amping up the tension for me.

Most games don't run very well on my laptop, but this was nice and smooth. The rapid-fire Grav Por wand made me feel like I was using a machine gun to mow down all the mobs, and I loved every second of it.

I find the Headlesses terrifying in 3d. It didn't help that I stumbled upon a secret door and backed out quickly; standing just on the other side of the secret door. A headless jumped out from the secret door, appearing directly in front of me in a classic jump scare. Sadly, the safest place to be is where Im aiming apparently and that run ended prematurely...

I am extremely glad you found the headlesses terrifying.