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i just had a question.

im a huge battlebots fan. i dont know if i may say this but in robot arena 2 there are mods for robot wars and battlebots to use. people make the mods and we can play them.  will this be possible in rr2.0? that we get look a like biteforce nightmare icewave and all the robots?

from now it looks like a game with an awesome potential :)

Great question!

The robot workshop is already pretty far along, and people have started making and sharing their .RR2Bot files.  Check out these awesome Nightmare and Bite Force replicas by GameTechMods user Arcane:

By the time the game is ready for full release, it should be possible to replicate any robot at any weight class.  Once a robot is replicated, it is pretty easy to share it around as an .RR2Bot file.  Right now we have partial support for Beetleweight and Heavyweights, and should be adding more and more components as time goes on.

We started down the path of an arena creation tool, but we had to stop work on it because of time.  We don't have permission to use BattleBots or Robot Wars IP in the game, though who knows what the future might bring?

Thats really Nice.  Do hou have a release date already  of a month. Ik cant really wait

No release date yet.  We still have a few important things to work out before closed beta.

Next free public alpha is imminent!