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I'm a bit worried about the development of building wider, not taller. The existing princesses are great, but a lot of them don't have much content, and I don't think adding more princesses will help that. If possible, could you clarify your development goals/vision? As a public post would be best if you want to eliminate this worry in a public sense. (I've already bought  the game and have followed development for many years now) 


20 main Princesses ruling their Reigns around the Kingdom, at least 2-3 times that number of secondary Princesses, usually without a Reign, without their own route, but adding spice to the Kingdom.

I plan to make it wide and tall, there's no reason not to. Desert was one of the Princesses with the less content, she's getting a lot of it right now, while Scarecrow (which took me only 2 days in order to have her becoming recruitable), won't get any for a while.

I totally see your point but I'm 100% serious about reaching that "wide and tall" goal.