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This is so cute!! The art is lovely and the music is reminiscent of Final Fantasy XII! I love this!

Edit: After actually playing it (though I'm only a few minutes in), this game was clearly inspired by FF and I'm in LOOOVE. I adore how you chose to go with a much kinder, less toxic narrative by having Lance reassure Verm that "all mice [feel fear]," instead of what is usually to be expected, that an older brother would make fun of or mock a younger brother for being afraid. 

Edit 2: OMG, THE 6-STICK "S" ON THE WALL. (y'know, the one we all drew in middle school/high school)


This is seriously such a great game. Got me emotionally invested so quickly. Excited for the kickstarter launch!!

Edit 4: (wow, this must be annoying, sorry!) Saw on the website that a Mac version is "possible later." :c Do you know about how much later?