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Day 7

Congrats with a new year!

Part#1. Dialogs convertor

Today I've completed diagram-to-dialog convertor. And I have to say that it could be more difficult than I expected. Example of how simple dialog (2 entry points, 3 endings, 1 possibility to accept quest) could look like (big zoom just for total overview):

Groovy code generated from this diagram is completed on 95%. Then I add some custom conditions in several places and dialog is ready (in 2 variants for main planet and common planet of Lumen race). Here player could accept 1st quest for Lumen race.

Part#2 Basic AI & World simulations

I setup each planet to produce 1 ship each 5 seconds.

Then add basic AI component to each ship. In general each AI ship each second will raycast in looking direction to check on obstacles. If there are no obstacles - then move ~50 px / second. To avoid obstacles rotate on ~20 degrees.

Source code of AI processing here in gist

System has very general name, but it will be used like Patrol system soon. I'm going to add more AI behaviours and system for targeting enemy objects.

Now galaxy looks alive and crazy even with such simple AI.