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Want to say a few things.

1. its been fun and relaxing to play.

2. at menu, the back button should not just “shift” to the right in different tabs.


3. Just finished the game, enjoyed it!  

    So far the most annoying thing is the map transition. Where it is very easy going back to previous map by accident. Especially for touch control.


Thanks Sum626 for the feedback!  Which platform are you on?(mac,PC, Android, Android TV or iOS?). I'll take a look at the back button as it should just back you up a menu and not switch between tabs.  I'll also review all.of my map transitions - I think I know what you are talking about - when if you step left or right when you enter a map (instead of straight ahead) you go back to the previous map.  I believe this only happens on some maps and I will work on getting that fixed.