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Really cool game! Dungeon rankers was paid so this was the next best thing

I dont like Ascii Format much but im starting to understand it a little better!

also i have an idea for this game

- An difficulty section

 (H)ard difficulty (200 players)

 (N)ormal Difficulty (100 Players)

 (E)asy Difficulty (50 Players)

 - And Also can we have names? Cause the names are just numbers

  I would like some Names like


  And Some exaggerated ones like


  You know like those

 We need a way to continue the game In case someone wants to see who   wins

Some cool daily events would be cool Like Some might have a faster ring 

Or collect stuff with infinate respawns

a zombie mode where you and a group of 4 try to fight zombies and other playes

Speaking of groups of 4 can we have squads or duos Or solo slection?

or 8's If you want!

i found a glitch in the game the ring engulf all of the game instantly and it just passed the first wave