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That's a lot more of a reaction than I was actually expecting :o Not a problem! I just hope my playthroughs can be seen as good, and whatnot


It's totally cool, don't worry about it. I'm just really happy to see that people find enjoyment in my game. So once again, thank you man.^-^"

Hey dev, could you please tell me which song is it that plays from the moment Muffin leaves the house ?

Also, cool game.

Yeah sure. It's called "Brian Jonestown Massacre" by Anemone. It's a pretty great atmospheric song I found a while ago. Really thought it'd fit the style of music I want in the game.

Here's a YouTube link to the song:

And thank you very much!!^-^
Really appreciate the support.

It does fit, cool song. And thanks, we need more people like you around, good luck.