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Really enjoying the game! I'm not the biggest fan of horror, but I love the sudtleness here, no jump scares is nice. Ambiance is really well done, keeps me tense the entire time waiting for a scare that I will probably not be ready for.

Didn't see any bugs (yet), which is really nice. Graphics look amazing but even with 2 recording windows open, I had no problems with anything. Very well optimized from the looks of that which seems rare in my expierence with 3D games here on itchio, especially as detailed as this.

Also, thank you so much for the email! Look out for more from me on this game in the next few days, because as scared shitless as I was playing it, I can't wait for my next recording session with it. You have trully made an amazing work of art from a terrible situation. I hope you enjoy the video, and look foward to the next part very soon.