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Just pushed an update that fixes a few issues.

- Fixed a softlock in the pipe bug
- Fixed the car spawn position in the overworld, and moved it closer to the beginning for convinience
- Andross will no longer cheat, and continue to attack, even while the game's paused
- And some other tiny things I probably forgot

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Could you also add back spacebar to accelerate cutscenes? I really liked that feature.
EDIT: And change camera default pitch when entering a level to something like 35 degrees so I don't have to use the mouse?

Seconded. It’s heavily unplayable without the pitch auto setting.

New build is live:

-Camera now starts at a higher position

-Fixed coin counter when starting a new game, and the softlock caused by starting a new game after quitting to main menu.

-Rebalanced the Giant 1up fight, now significantly easier.

-Dustman will now fight back, should anybody attack him.

Only known bug remaining is the black screen, and I'm still trying to work that one out.