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Alright, I just completed... ehm... I think it was 5 endings.

Let's sum this up rather quickly, now shall we?

1.) How in the world is my own player character - Dulce - so cute? Expecially her smile? It's f*****g killing me every time I play! Heck, I wanna romance myself actually!

2.) How the hell can the artwork be this good for a free visual novel? I mean, it beats quite a few commerical VNs hands-down... I would have paid for this! (Wait... can I? Somehow? Not sure if possible on when the basic price is 0...)

3.) I wanna catch dragons now.

4.) After thinking about it while writing this, I would guess that this VN is worth about 5€, maybe even more. I guess I would've bought it for 10€ even. Considering that: I want more Yuri VNs from you guys. And take my money for them to make even more afterwards!