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Hey Adam, I replayed the beginning due to the bugs you had mentioned and had no idea I'd missed out on so much. The game is at it's best during the environmental horror and storytelling sequences and it's honestly some of the best I've seen. However, the monster section absolutely destroyed the game for me. The deaths destroy all the tension, the puzzle reset seemed bugged and the number of times I was halted due to the enemies showing up in a situation where there was literally nothing I could do just ruined the entire experience. I still think your environmental design, art and sound design are some of the best out there though.

Thank you very much to play my game CoalFire!
The truth is...

I was afraid that the sound design, and the storytelling visuals, are not going to be enough for a video game, but I always feel that I don't have to put that part in the game. I was really nervous about that specific part of the game when I released it. 

You opened my eyes and you was god damn true!

I'm going to fix that part ASAP.

Adam Dubi