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This game seems to be very penumbra esque. But i see only ways how you could fuck this up. :/ What are the plans? Will the style of the demo be the guiding style? Will it stay great? I really hate these horror puzzle games that have useless human stories :/ Man Penumbra was great.


My game has a story that happened to me when I was a child.

I tried to detail the environments as much as I can because I don't want people to only focus just the narration.
Yet, I don't want to spoiler anything, but for some examples:

At some point in the game I have a long staircase that's contains no light. When you go in there, you have to light up the environment in order to make progress. This represents that what is waiting for you down there is a deeply buried memory in my mind, that was hard to live trough.
When you take a look at some writes on the walls in the whole game, it says you already deep underground below zero elevation - so in my mind.
And you can find so many objects or physics based props that just don't fit in the game's environmental design, like the cardboard boxes that tries to represent a move on to a new home, or the old forklift, the bunny, the jawbone, and all of the tools that you can use.

Some games has a really great story, but no game play.
The plan is to don't make one of those.
I wanted to merge the story, the environments, and the game mechanics together best as I can, so that's why I designed Adam - Lost Memories in this way.

Thank you!

Adam Dubi

Yee gameplay is really important. Its an amazing demo game. You go man. Its much more reasonable then the others.