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Hi PangHerHeart!

Actually, I have two doggos! and thank God for them 'cause they keep the stress at bay x'D

One is male called Juno, a mix-pinscher who likes to jump all over the place and headbutt my chin (that hurts). He's spoiled rotten by me and he sleeps on my bed :'D fortunately, he has short fur so he's really clean or I'll have fluffballs everywhere on my bed by now. He acts like the guardian of the house; barks like mad on strangers, but acts cute in front of his owners. He's on his way to 3 years old ~

The other one is Kiara, a siberian husky who is veeeery fluffy and I love to hug her to relieve stress x'D she acts like a princess,  like eating slowly and doesn't act spoiled like Juno--but she also likes to shove/offer her butt to people she likes (literally shove her butt to your direction until you pat her back). She's 3 months younger than Juno~

I'm glad to hear you like the Stan Lee's video!

As for how many words I've written so far... um, counting the 3 bachelor routes + current antagonist route progress, it should be around 200k+ words by now @@ but it didn't include descriptive sentences for SFXs, BGMs, and simple animations.

I wish I can write 10k+ words perweek but it only happens once in a bluemoon :'D

As a fan, I recommend GoT , but beware of the gorey and dark details >< if you can handle them, I think GoT is one of few fantasy stories out there who can show us the flaws of humanity and the dark sides of war :'3

You too! Good work and let's keep it up together! *hugg