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Getting into any battles causes a spamming crash, please fix D: 

That's odd...

I never had this or a similar problem. Same with the people that tested the game for me. I also can't really find something on google...^-^"

I'll be looking into this. As soon as I find a solution I'm gonna hit you up. Sorry dude...°~°"

Aight, I tried some things and updated the download files. I hope it works now. Again, I asked 4 other people to test the game beforehand and they didn't run into any issues at all, so I really don't know what to do here...^-^"
If you're still having issues, please let me know.

Anyways thank you for your patience and taking your time with my game. Really means a lot to me!!


It works now, unsure if it was you finding the problem, or me reinstalling, or me restarting my computer - but I was able to give it a go - will upload results.

Phew, glad to hear that.

Have fun!^-^