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Wow, thanks for sharing that! :D

I'm curious actually, what keeps you coming back to MidBoss?

I like games like MidBoss, in the sense of there are so many challenges to impose to oneself in terms of handicap (for example, limiting what transformation combos you can use, be it different per level or just being allowed to change forms once the one you have dies), and despite being a small game with a limited number of creatures, it's still fun to do those things. 

Plus whenever I play it, there's always that "Okay, I died. One more try." thing in the back of my head. It can be something that makes me play the game on for a whole day, then I get satisfied. After a week, same process. It's a strange "Casual but not casual" thing, I think?

Plus, If I remember correctly, I got the game before it was on steam :D because I wanted a DRM-free version of it. So it's kind of a "sentimental value" attached to it too!