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Hey, me again! My partner gifted me this game a while ago, and even says I own it when I ask for my download links to email. But when I click the link, it says my account doesn't have permission to view this page. customer support was super unhelpful, they told me to try something I told them that I already did and then stopped replying outright.

Long story short, could I get the Steam key email thing you mentioned below? I'd love to play the update, but... Well,

Oh yeah sure! If you got the game, you're entitled to the Steam version as well. Ummm... Where could I get your email? It's somewhere in the sales, I'm sure, but there are quite a few sales already so it's a bit difficult to browse through all of them. 

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Hey, really appreciate the quick response! Sure thing, I don't have any real concerns about the privacy of this email so I'll just post it here and edit it out once we have this all sorted. If anything I'm actually really glad to hear there's a lot of sales, you deserve 'em. Cheers.

(email removed as said)

Okay I sent a key forward!

All good, worked perfectly! Thank you so much, you rock!