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Point and click games have always been a firm favourite of mine, and I've always found that the ones I've enjoyed the most have been the self-aware, comedy-laden ones. So you can imagine how I feel about this game, which is incredibly self-aware and packed full of humour with every character oozing sarcasm and wit.

Of course, games like this also need to make sure they challenge the brain, but never fear, because Port Valley ticks the box on this aspect too! The puzzles are very well thought-out, and provide a good enough challenge without being too daunting (although the demo apparently has simpler puzzles than the final game will have, so perhaps my poor brain has just had things too easy!).

In short, the characters are awesome, the story is awesome, the puzzles are awesome and the whole feel of the game is awesome. Definitely give this one a look if you're a fan of the Monkey Island (oops, sorry, Mo***y Island) and Broken Sword series!

WrongPixel, you keep up the awesome work, this was great fun =)