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I have run into a few bugs on 0.16.7 that have persisted into 0.16.8

big text below

 - after recruiting desert p, i cannot drop her off at the tavern because the game says you cannot drop off temporary party members. if i try to camp she is removed from the party entirely. during the quest where you go to help sphinx p i duplicated desert p to have her come with me so the trigger for this message probably never turned off after that quest. ( i also purchased the egg during this quest. after the quest was over time would not progress to night. im not sure if it is related to the egg, but after i gave it to dear time seemed to move as it should again. if it is possibly important, i named the egg with the same name as a previously hatched egg.

 - using a dragon heir hatched from the random dragon encounters to fly into a new zone ( over the mountains, into the area east of the tavern ) you spawn on the other side looking like knight, but you can still fly and doing so will swap the sprite back to the dragon. swapping characters doesnt work. some zone points no longer work ( south entrance to the mountain ) but once inside a combat area you can swap characters correctly again. i have not tested this with any dragon princesses or wyvern.

a slight nitpick: dialogue is written in a way that has a lot of pauses. this choice as probably on purpose and it has had me reading most of the text where normally i would be skipping to get to the next objective, but when trying to skip through text you have seen before because of a crash or accidentally making a decision incorrectly ( or buying frog water, or wanting to spend the night with a character when they always say the same lines of text before the option ) it would be nice if there were an option for instant text. 

not sure if it would be possible in rpgmaker, but making the default option selected be "none" requiring a directional input before selection in dialogue would be great.

game has me hooked so far, can wait to see how it matures.

About "after recruiting desert p": you're probably talking about when she joins you to free Sphinx Princess. She's there with you only as a temporary party member, that's why you cannot drop her out.

I'll try to trigger the flight bug you reported, thank you!

by recruiting i mean she had a child and we eloped much later after the quest was completed.