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Hi! Not sure why, but for some reason templates not drag'n'droping in Ubuntu (23.04), AppImage distrib 1.10.1. => when I'm trying to place template to the map cursor changes to restrict icon (when I'm hover over the map with the template) and when I releasing mouse button nothing happens. I checked that I:

- On Object layer

- Template created from simple object that placed on the same Object Layer

What I'm doing wrong or this is a bug (Tiled or Ubuntu)? Thanks in advance if somebody can just throw me in right direction :)


Drag and drop was broken in GNOME 44 for Qt applications, but it seems a fix has been done and should hopefully be available soon. See and for relevant bug reports.

In the meantime, you could place templates using the “Insert Template” tool instead. :-)


Wow, thank you very much! Didn't see that there was "Insert Template", so sorry for disturbing)
Thanks again for your great tool!