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Following contains minor spoilers:

I investigated the Stone Chapel right after the first crossroad before heading to the tavern. After a few inputs and further investigation, i got to this message: " picture is very clear for you. A long arrow pointing down". Now no matter what i type the MC wont investigate what the arrow is pointing at! I mean its clear that the MC has an interest in this arrow (at least i would) but when i type (for example) "arrow" it says: "You havent found it"... Is this a bug maybe? If not: How the heck should i investigate this? Since the game has a time-mechanic, backtracking isnt much of an option to me either... Or is this chapel a WiP? I really want to give feedback but after spending about 20 minutes of reading the prologue and deciding wether or not to go to the tavern first, im stuck in this hut :/

Spoilers as well! ; ) 

Hi! Yes, you can go below! There's a separate quest related to the dolmen, but it's not currently a part of the demo. During this quest you'll get to know that you should look for a "trapdoor". If you'd pick a scholar, your could also read the inscription to find a direct clue. 

The arrow that you can currently see is, well, vague, since you can't read. If you'd like to go deeper, you should look for a "hatch" or "trapdoor". Nevertheless, you're almost at the very end of the current stage of the demo version.