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Oh damn, thank you! <3

Very true! : D Having no bosses above me, I have to master the art of "it's Good Enough" on my own. : P

Thank you for the encouragement! A documented step-by-step process will be a fun thing to take a look at after a few years. : )

Thank you for reading! I feel better knowing someone took a look at it, a post such as this one takes me more than a day of planning / writing / making pics. : P

Thank you, and I sure hope you're right! : D

Thank you so much for your support! I don't know why Roadwarden is listed on GOG as not compatible with Linux, I believe the game's publisher - who's behind the  page - simply forgot. I'll let them know right away.

The few tests that the kind people interested in the game ran so far make me believe the game will work just fine on Linux. 

Thanks a lot! I keep delaying the next devlog since I try to focus on the development alone (and it's going pretty well!), but I have a lot of new stuff to show, so maybe it's time to get to it. : )


You've reminded me that it's been almost three months since the last devlog,  I'll try to publish a new one before the end of the month. While the release will still need at least half a year, and more likely an entire year, I'm really proud of the recent development. For example, you can check out my Twitter to see what tremendous steps I've made updating the game's visuals.

Reading this comment is a really lovely way to start my day, thank you so much, Jamie! I'm currently playing the working prototype (which got really big) and I think you're going to love it. I try to improve both the things you mentioned, and some other areas which interest me personally, such as the quality of the illustrations, and even I'm getting excited seeing the progress. : ) The pandemic sure gave me a lot of time to.

I'll do my best to finish this project, though it may still take some time. : ( 

Haha, thanks a lot! : D I sometimes feel like the mechanics are still a bit flat, but I already have some ideas how to spice them up. : )

I'm glad you liked it, I think it may be the best devlog I released so far. : )

I think that thanks to the game's very simple engine (no physics, no actual character movement in a rendered space) it's much easier to fix some issues with the core systems even on the late stages of the development.  I don't have to pour tens of thousands of dollars into the trash bin.

I... don't know how to respond. : o 

Thank you, lhynnith. Back when I was a teen, purple prose was my usual style, and it took many years before I learned how to express myself with fewer, simpler words. When I read some English authors I feel like maybe I'm actually *too* simplistic and repetitive, but such insecurities are difficult to face since I don't have a publisher and a full-time editors collaborating with me. All I can do is hope that my best will be good enough, and I'm really glad you were able to connect with my attempts.

Still, I'm currently assisted by a kindhearted spellchecker, so I still believe that the final version of the game will be even smoother to read. : )

Lovely. <3

Thank you so much for your support! <3

I'm glad you think so! It's a new concept for me which I've been thinking about for a couple of months now - that, sometimes, being more transparent when it comes to explaining the rules (systems) may actually build the mood better than keeping these rules hidden for the sake of what I perceive as immersion-through-illusion. 

Hello there! You're correct, the demo is not up to date, and is about nine months old, if I remember well.  Considering how much the game changes every other month, it'd just get extra confusing after releasing the 6th, 8th, 10th version of the first few areas. Nevertheless, the current version of the demo is getting a bit obsolete, so I may need to post a new version sometime in February. 

Thank you for your support and please let me know if you have any more questions.

Thank you for your support! : ))

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, the mental health of all the people I know has suffered significant debuffs in this garbage year. I wish you a great holiday season and peaceful 2021.

Thank you so much! These devlogs are not very popular and I'm really glad when sometimes find them. : ) I believe that with every month the game gets significant updates!

Thanks a lot and stay safe! : )

Damn, thanks a lot. It's really hard to be original when it comes to any fiction, even one that's based sorely on imagination, so I try to just explore the ideas I find interesting, without trying to reject anything "typical" for the genre just for the sake of it. It's weird to have a setting I love that has no real resemblance with the fantasy worlds I grew up with,  but I hope that thanks to those other, more daily things I explore I'll manage to keep it interesting, not empty.

I'm so glad you've had a good time! The game may not be a financial success, but I'm proud of it and it warms my heart when someone notices it. : ) I really appreciate that you've decided to share your impressions with us, and thank you so much for purchasing the bundle!

Thanks a lot! I'll take care of the typos right away. Just a question - when you were going to sleep, are you sure there was no minus sign nest to the icon of the heart? I've assumed it was clear that it meant "you will loose a quarter of a heart", and not "all you will be left with is a quarter of a heart". Maybe I should give this image a description in a text box if hovered. 

Ren'Py really makes working on the project so much easier, I'm grateful I can use it. : )

And I'm glad you've managed to find it! : ) Thanks a lot!

<3 <3 <3 Thank you so much! I'm so happy to think that even if Roadwarden is weird and not for everyone, there are people who can get immersed in it.

Thank you, it's great to hear that! : )

Thanks! <3

Thank you for choosing Roadwarden to be your first! <3 I'm after a very long couple of weeks filled with writing a whole lot of new content, and it feels so great to suddenly see such a kind comment!

Actually, I've tried to "upgrade" the exploration of the dolmen a bit. You can find more information in the latest devlog, but here's an example. Basically, I've provided more visual clues, so it will be easier to remember any significant clues that the player may find. : )

Thank you for pointing out the lack of clarity with the Leave and Rest buttons, I've heard a similar opinion before and it may be true that I need to provide a better tutorial, or maybe a more distinct visual clue. It gets tricky, since there's a lot of dialogues in the games during which you can "leave" an area, but only when you don't talk about anything specific, so it gets turned on and off all the time. : P It needs to remain subtle.

I currently hope that the game will be edited by the publisher,  but its getting trickier and trickier as the time goes on. I'm struggling with deadlines, and there's a LOT of text. Trust me, the demo is already a very small chunk of the game, and I'm still far from finishing it. : )

Once again, thank you and I hope you'll see one of the "happy" endings in not such a distant future. : )

Hi! Definitely in both places. : ) was extremely kind to me and I couldn't abandon it.

Thank you, Althrioan! I'm currently struggling with the continuation of the same health issues, and it's so nice to see such a kind message. : )

Dear innocentking,

I'm honored to receive your first comment! Feedback is definitely not reserved for game developers, and I appreciate that you've decided to describe both your enjoyment and the things that you perceive as shortcomings.

And I think that you're right - the dolmen requires more effort on my side and more visual clues. It's one of the oldest parts I've added to the game, and after reading your comment I think it needs to be updated to better reflect the quality I'm aiming for.

Thank you once again!

I think you're on the right track, thank you that you've decided to share your thoughts. I'm so happy to see that my game is actually interesting for other people, not just me. <3

Thank you, ArquesMartin, I'm sorry that you've encountered a bug. I'll fix it as soon as I can.

The demo "ends" once you unlock 3 "grey" areas that you can't visit. Since you've seen the blockade and the tree in the swamps, it looks like you're done.

I'm not sure how exactly is the Archive going to work closer to the release. You're not the first person that is not satisfied with its current state, but trying to make it more complex is going to be very difficult. I was hoping to make the Journal play a similar role, since it summarizes various information about characters and quests.

Thank you so much for your feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed your time!

Thank you for the encouragement! 

Hi there! I actually plan to release a new version of the demo very soon, I'm just not sure what the publisher is going to tell. Would you like to wait for a bit?

Thank you! <3 In a separate comment, I've attached some additional screenshots of the new inventory screen that I've been working on yesterday. : )

Thank you! <3 In a separate comment, I've attached some additional screenshots of the new inventory screen that I've been working on yesterday. : )