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Thanks a lot! I'll take care of the typos right away. Just a question - when you were going to sleep, are you sure there was no minus sign nest to the icon of the heart? I've assumed it was clear that it meant "you will loose a quarter of a heart", and not "all you will be left with is a quarter of a heart". Maybe I should give this image a description in a text box if hovered. 

Ren'Py really makes working on the project so much easier, I'm grateful I can use it. : )

And I'm glad you've managed to find it! : ) Thanks a lot!

<3 <3 <3 Thank you so much! I'm so happy to think that even if Roadwarden is weird and not for everyone, there are people who can get immersed in it.

Thank you, it's great to hear that! : )

Thanks! <3

Thank you for choosing Roadwarden to be your first! <3 I'm after a very long couple of weeks filled with writing a whole lot of new content, and it feels so great to suddenly see such a kind comment!

Actually, I've tried to "upgrade" the exploration of the dolmen a bit. You can find more information in the latest devlog, but here's an example. Basically, I've provided more visual clues, so it will be easier to remember any significant clues that the player may find. : )

Thank you for pointing out the lack of clarity with the Leave and Rest buttons, I've heard a similar opinion before and it may be true that I need to provide a better tutorial, or maybe a more distinct visual clue. It gets tricky, since there's a lot of dialogues in the games during which you can "leave" an area, but only when you don't talk about anything specific, so it gets turned on and off all the time. : P It needs to remain subtle.

I currently hope that the game will be edited by the publisher,  but its getting trickier and trickier as the time goes on. I'm struggling with deadlines, and there's a LOT of text. Trust me, the demo is already a very small chunk of the game, and I'm still far from finishing it. : )

Once again, thank you and I hope you'll see one of the "happy" endings in not such a distant future. : )

Hi! Definitely in both places. : ) was extremely kind to me and I couldn't abandon it.

Thank you, Althrioan! I'm currently struggling with the continuation of the same health issues, and it's so nice to see such a kind message. : )

Dear innocentking,

I'm honored to receive your first comment! Feedback is definitely not reserved for game developers, and I appreciate that you've decided to describe both your enjoyment and the things that you perceive as shortcomings.

And I think that you're right - the dolmen requires more effort on my side and more visual clues. It's one of the oldest parts I've added to the game, and after reading your comment I think it needs to be updated to better reflect the quality I'm aiming for.

Thank you once again!

I think you're on the right track, thank you that you've decided to share your thoughts. I'm so happy to see that my game is actually interesting for other people, not just me. <3

Thank you, ArquesMartin, I'm sorry that you've encountered a bug. I'll fix it as soon as I can.

The demo "ends" once you unlock 3 "grey" areas that you can't visit. Since you've seen the blockade and the tree in the swamps, it looks like you're done.

I'm not sure how exactly is the Archive going to work closer to the release. You're not the first person that is not satisfied with its current state, but trying to make it more complex is going to be very difficult. I was hoping to make the Journal play a similar role, since it summarizes various information about characters and quests.

Thank you so much for your feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed your time!

Thank you for the encouragement! 

Hi there! I actually plan to release a new version of the demo very soon, I'm just not sure what the publisher is going to tell. Would you like to wait for a bit?

Thank you! <3 In a separate comment, I've attached some additional screenshots of the new inventory screen that I've been working on yesterday. : )

Thank you! <3 In a separate comment, I've attached some additional screenshots of the new inventory screen that I've been working on yesterday. : )

Thank you! <3 In a separate comment, I've attached some additional screenshots of the new inventory screen that I've been working on yesterday. : )

The new inventory submenus!

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! Knowing where the game feels unintuitive helps me a lot. : )

Thank you, Alice, I'm so glad you like it!

You have my promise! : D

I'm glad you like it! I think that having such step-by-step examples may be interesting, especially when there will be an opportunity to look back after the game's release. : )

Thank you for your feedback! I'll now have these bad boys to work with. : P

Thank you, Daza! I use Pyxel Edit for more than 95% of the time, and sometimes I copy some objects to modify them in GIMP - especially when I want to replace some colors with others.

And thank you for your feedback! I think I need to stop using these mushrooms if people perceive them as "crosses." : P Now that you mentioned the face, I wonder if I can add it somewhere purposefully. : D

(Damn it, and I thought my English got so much better! I have to be more careful!)

I mean, ahem, ahem!

Dear Mr. Hepto, : )

Thank you so much not only for your encouragement, but also for such a gently presented and fair criticism! I want to make it as clear as I can that the things that you've listed are all on my "to do" list, even though I'm not entirely able to agree with your suggestion about "What will you look at." I'll keep thinking, however, about a better way to say "What do you want to pay attention to or look for or interact with right now in hope to find new clues and move forward," I'm sure there's a way to make it feel smoother. : P

There are things that I really want to change in this demo, but I've decided to move forward and push toward finishing the rest of the game. Then I can rewrite the prologue so it would better reflect what's necessary to prepare the player for the rest of their adventure. I also have in mind new ways to convey information, ways that I know worked quite well in other RPGs I've played. 

I can be terribly perfectionistic, so I have to force myself to not spend too much time revisiting the same thing over and over again. I'm sorry the game isn't as good right now as it should be, but I promise I'm going to make it proud of the final product!

Once again, thank you so much and I'm glad that you've enjoyed your time as a roadwarden. : )

- Aureus

I love your background! <3

Thank you, Mochnant, for your feedback! I have some ideas how I could make the game progress faster, I just need to have a larger part of the game finished to be able to measure all the pros and cons. I really appreciate that you've decided to let me know what you think - I take every piece of criticism very seriously, especially when it clearly comes from one's kindness and willingness to help.

I'm also glad that you've like my devlog. It took me a lot of time to put it together. ^^


Thank you, Alex! I think you've encountered a bug, and I'm glad you let me know about it. The demo should have had about 2 more "scenes" after the griffon encounter, and I think there may be a problem with the Mac version after all - specifically with saving. I'm going to work on that. 

I really appreciate your feedback, and you can find more information about the soundtrack here.  There's a chance that the tracks used in the demo won't be used in the final version of the game, but I still hope it won't turn this  way. : )

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I hope the full game will have a Very rewarding "length," though I can't share anything specific just yet. : )

Thank you! I believe I've been thinking about the design for about a year now, made the first concept art in January and what you could see in the demo is the result of about 3-4 months of development.

I'm definitely going to take a closer at GDWC later today, thank you for the invitation!

I'm glad it works for you, GunnarRoxen!

Hi there! I've just uploaded the new version of the demo, and it has a Mac release as well. : )

Hi, Alex! Awesome music! 

Have you considered making the character's sprite related to the amount of HP she owns? As if - the amount of HP could be expressed through the density of the red-blue border seen around her, or maybe add some particle flying around?

Thank you! I'll take a look on Hanna later on! I'm having a really crazy day. ; )

Went smoother than I expected! I've sent you an e-mail. : )

Hi there! There's a good chance I'll have the new version of the demo ready on Friday, but I'm going to look for someone willing to test the Mac version since I can create a game's build for it (and I know it worked before), but I can't test it myself. Would you be interested? ; )

I see, thank you! I assumed it's clear that these characters don't really use English, but rather that the game translates the dialogue from a non-existent language to one that we can understand. Maybe I should do a better job with expressing it.

Thank you, Adi, I appreciate that you decided to share you thoughts! Would you like to say a bit more about the "modern" writing that you've mentioned? Is it that the idioms that I'm using are too modern, or maybe some words feel like they don't belong?

Spoilers as well! ; ) 

Hi! Yes, you can go below! There's a separate quest related to the dolmen, but it's not currently a part of the demo. During this quest you'll get to know that you should look for a "trapdoor". If you'd pick a scholar, your could also read the inscription to find a direct clue. 

The arrow that you can currently see is, well, vague, since you can't read. If you'd like to go deeper, you should look for a "hatch" or "trapdoor". Nevertheless, you're almost at the very end of the current stage of the demo version.