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I see! I tried making the default Ren'Py tools work, but, sadly, the game's interface is just too messy to make them work properly. : ( If I were to design the entirety of Roadwarden anew, I'd probably be able to do better, but it's too late now.

I'm sorry, but I wasn't able to introduce this type of accessibility options.

Hi! If I remember correctly, the last version of Roadwarden was labeled as 1.0.92, so we've jumped into a new category. : ) The current build is up to date, though I hope to prepare the 1.1.3 patch in the next 48 hours.

I'm sorry, I don't know how to do it. If you're sure you downloaded the Mac version, consider looking for fixes for MacOS Monterey in regards to "Ren'Py" - this is the engine Roadwarden uses.

Maybe! A bit difficult to pull it off, considering all the reading, menus, sub menus, and sub sub menus.

Hi! I'm sorry if it's not stated clearly, I'll write a note for myself to look into it. The intended lie is that he still considers paying her for joining forces - the truth is he's just playing for time, hoping to bail before he faces any consequences for manipulating her.

Hi there! I'm sorry you faced such an issue. I just downloaded the demo and it works on my end. Is there any chance that you installed Roadwarden, or its demo, in the past, maybe even on Steam? It's possible that the game has merged its new files with some more ancient relics and that it formed a hybrid between two versions. If so, cleansing all the folders related to the game, especially the save folder, should be able to fix the issue.

Hi there! The game has recently been updated. Any chance it works for you now?

Hi there! Are you saying that you downloaded Roadwarden-1.0.66-linux.tar.bz2 and it doesn't work?

BTW this version of the game is out of date, I need to poke the game's publisher to ask what's up with that.

I'm afraid it's very unlikely. : (

Hi there! Thank you for the consideration, but I believe we have the same split with all the websites where Roadwarden is available, so don't worry about it. As long as it's convenient for you and you're happy with the specific platform, I'm happy too. : )

I'm afraid you can't be a werewolf in Roadwarden, but I recently played Werewolf The Apocalypse: Heart of the Forest and it's fantastic.

Thank you for your support! 2022 featured some amazing games, so that's quite a compliment. ^^

Thank you so much! Are you happy with the way MoonFire  is turning out? It sure looks like a project born out of love, I'm super interested in indie RPGs in general.

Greetings, Luel!

I'm afraid Roadwarden is not optimized to support players who use text-to-speech hardware. I wish it would, but as it is a solo-dev project, I simply lack necessary skills to properly design it, and as it is, it uses a plentitude of pop up menus, long paragraphs ended with multiple dialogue choices, images that have no alternate descriptions and so on. I'm sorry it ended up this way, but I hope I'll have an opportunity to work with a real programmer for my next RPG, ideally someone who could support me in making the game more accessible for various types of controllers.

Once again, my apologies and thank you for taking interest in my game.

Thank you for pointing this out! I'll be sure to fix it in the file so it can be corrected with the next patch. : )

You're correct, in a way! The sale is set up by whoever owns the game's page - in Steam's case it's the game's publisher, Assemble Entertainment, while on Itch it's just me, at least for a few more days. : )

My apologies, I wasn't aware there's a sale. : ) There you go!

Thank you! I have all sorts responsibilities to take care of first, but I'd love to work on a similar game in the future. : )

Thank you! I feel bad that there are things that need patching in the first place, so that's the least I can do.

Thank you! I'll be sure to fix it, I hope to have the patch ready on Monday. : )

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Oh the spirits. That's very much correct. Thank you for pointing this out.

<3 <3 <3

So kind of you to ask! The composer of the major part of the soundtrack (including the title theme) has released his share of tracks on all the major platforms. If you were to support him, all the earnings will go to his pocket, so I think it's pretty sweet. ^^

<3 Welcome back!

Thank you for the suggestion! I think you may be onto something, though it's possibly to late to introduce changes to the game now. It's possible that adding the class icons at the beginning of the line would work well, kind of like the d6 icon. But if you play the game further, you'll notice that the warrior's skill sometimes has other uses. : )

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience! There's a 1.0.1 version available to download now, I should have 1.0.2 ready in a few hours and will post a changelog for it. : )

I'm happy to have your support, thank you! Yes, I'm super tired, but tomorrow will be a better day. : )

We do consider it indeed! So far, the game was perceived pretty well, but we still wait until we get larger picture.

And thanks a lot! : )

Thank you for your patience, Gunnar! I'm sorry it took me so long.

I decide to believe you're right, thank you! : )

Thank you so much for sticking around! : ))

I'll admit that since I see myself as a complete amateur, I don't feel comfortable commenting on most things I perceive as issues to the engine developers. : ) It may be there's a good reason why the things are this way.

Thanks a lot, though I can promise you that one day is far from enough to explore the game thoroughly!

Thank you, it's the largest project I ever worked on, and that despite the fact it uses an already invented setting. Though I don't think there's anyone who can get "prosperous" with text-based games, in Poland or anywhere else. : ) 

As far as I know, the publisher is aiming at $10.99 USD - a pretty good price for a 40+ hours game!

Thank you! Even after fixing that bug for my working builds I received a message from someone who played the previous version of the demo that it crashed the game for them. It felt good to not get upset about it, for once! : D

Thanks a lot! So far, these final days have been smoother than I expected!