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Hi Harunomaki.

The zip you download is about 6GB and once unzipped it's about 13-14 GB.

i have over 50 gb, it doesnt work, been redownloading few times and says still i have no space

Can you tell with which tool you are unzipping the file ?

Winrar, if u mean this.

Yes that is what I meant.

So, no I have no idea how you can fix it. maybe you can try to download it via itch app :

ok thanks! ill try it out!

i tried out, and it didnt work.. got an error

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Hey Harumaki.

It's a zip file you dont need Winrar to open it, and I experienced problems with PeaZip.

You just have to right clic, open with "file explorer" or something like that it's the basic zip opener of windows.
Try this. :)

Also be sure to save the zip file on your desktop and after that unzipping it, if it's not already done.

it worked! thanks, is this a puzzle i need to understand french to solve? if that so ill wait for english version :D looks very beautiful! a game i just wanted!

Glad it worked! :D

You don't really need to speak french to complete the game and the puzzles, but you will miss all the narrative part for now. You can play the puzzles now and enjoy the narrative a few later when translated! ;)