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ok ill check next time, and i following you so will notice me automatic :)

dont worry about me but more worrying about you not to get ads/spamlisted on youtube that would be sad..

hi, the game doesnt work, it keep saying i have too low space of hdd when extracting. and please avoid linking url in youtube or others game comment section, about youtube there are many japanese who cant understand english and become worried and  they maybe add you on spamlist, i didnt realize you commented on my video, it didnt show up normally (youtube automatic spam content maybe) and talking about your game in others forum (like other game in itch,io) is kinda off of manner. its fine this time, you can always write it here ofc. I sound abit harsh but this is about manner. dont get me wrong, im not angry or so, since all can do misstakes, just please keep in mind :)

haha ありがとう! and long time no see :)

looks yummy :) but to bad i dont own VR :(

ah i see, thanks anyway :)

looks very juicy.. but is this only for VR?

i made a new video of early access of the game! alot of update, im excited to play finished game! i hope you can change sound of sword melee attack tho xD but i still love it! 

(warning! its in japanese let's play!)

ah i though i would fall in to that pit if i stood on that plank at edge haha, always take a chance ive learned now for future xD thanks for sharing!

pretty cool traps around and castle.. i though some of -''souls'' boss would appear xD enjoyed for a while but then i dont know if this will be spoilers but cant get all 3 books in place, found them tho. dont know either if i can call it but cleared 2 endings xD nice work!

Thumbnail look abit kinkier than what i thought.. xD

(warning!! japanese lets play video! turn on subtitle)

it took a while to make video but i managed it haha, i love this unique style of horror! oxygen ran abit quick but exciting xD sound effect creeped me good, great work!

(warning!! lets play in japanese! :o)

i found the door underwater with purple light but it was shutted. did i miss anything than those 2 levers in same room?

i see only purple lights and done 2 levers after that im pretty lost, quite dark so  i cant find new path. the game itself  looks great tho!

is there any end in this version? i mean end screen of demo.

nice game! unexpected jumpscare things xD very nice atmosphere, just one thing about when you walk, wobbling abit too much almost got me screen-ill or whatever i should call it haha xD great work! thanks for sharing the game!

looks very nice game! i wish i had friend to play with xD

nice game, scared but more laugh xD walking was abit slow tho, nice work ! thanks for sharing!

yeah i should invite them somday xD

hmm i dont think so, but i used ds4 app to work with my ps4 console, maybe that caused xD anyway good to know that haha, thanks for sharing too!

i played solo and i loved it! abit too hard to solo tho xD i would love it 3 times more with friends to have fun or some random ppl if there were matching system! very cute animals and lovely graphic, great work!

dam this looks amazing! but sadly i dont have friends.. i mean, no friend to play with.. xD 

yeah i realized after second try, bad of me xD

(2 edits)

cant open doors, bug or it supposed to be like this? at first corridor.

nvm i dont know why but didnt see other path, must be tired xD cool game!

guys! dam i love this game! high quality 3D/animation, beautiful, great atmosphere, unique ability got me surprised, great music, if i  forgot to mention something more just in case, I say I love all the work u made! just one thing..     I wanted to play more haha xD great work!

(let's play in japanese tho)

(3 edits)

scared me off alot and same time gave me a good laugh xD i like the humor! very nice game!
(japanese lets play)

awesome atmosphere, creepy building & beautiful oriental environment! i enjoyed alot of it, i loved the design, i really liked the night vision mode to make it scarier and creeped me off with heartbeating xD  on the third building part i dont know but i couldnt finish it to end i guess or i maybe missed something, tried to check around but couldnt pass. the most i had problem is at first stage, too much blur and couldnt type in correct password so i had to cut on video editor to not waste time haha(took about 2 mins before i could type in correct), maybe lesser blur would be good for both watcher and player so they dont get ill xD anyway very nice work! i wanna see chapter 2!

(lets play video both third building and forth person in japanese)

(1 edit)

very short but very nice made in 5 days! enjoyed it :D atmosphere were amazing, thats important to me!

it worked! thanks, is this a puzzle i need to understand french to solve? if that so ill wait for english version :D looks very beautiful! a game i just wanted!

i tried out, and it didnt work.. got an error

ok thanks! ill try it out!

Winrar, if u mean this.