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awesome atmosphere, creepy building & beautiful oriental environment! i enjoyed alot of it, i loved the design, i really liked the night vision mode to make it scarier and creeped me off with heartbeating xD  on the third building part i dont know but i couldnt finish it to end i guess or i maybe missed something, tried to check around but couldnt pass. the most i had problem is at first stage, too much blur and couldnt type in correct password so i had to cut on video editor to not waste time haha(took about 2 mins before i could type in correct), maybe lesser blur would be good for both watcher and player so they dont get ill xD anyway very nice work! i wanna see chapter 2!

(lets play video both third building and forth person in japanese)

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very short but very nice made in 5 days! enjoyed it :D atmosphere were amazing, thats important to me!

it worked! thanks, is this a puzzle i need to understand french to solve? if that so ill wait for english version :D looks very beautiful! a game i just wanted!

i tried out, and it didnt work.. got an error

ok thanks! ill try it out!

Winrar, if u mean this.

i have over 50 gb, it doesnt work, been redownloading few times and says still i have no space

how large is this file..? i mean after download, it says i have to less space

ah ok, thanks anyway :) trailer was amazing!

ah too bad there wasnt non VR one :( looked very nice 

ok cool, ill come by again:)

looks very nice, is it only for VR or can be played normally too?

i thought about how you write as anime! youre really good xD i did some misstake tho, hard to dub exactly when  i dont know what text comming next xD still my first time to dub so forgive me haha. nice work!!

so cute zombie girl!  i loved the game, first time i play visual novel game and i enjoyed it alot! nice illustration both char with animation and background, especially her bod-y--cough cough.. funny conversation too i never get tired of! i tried to dub all text in japanese, if youre interested xD im not best at english tho.. made video in 2 parts. i hope it will bring more ppl for this game thro video! very nice game!

i liked atmosphere and effects, the hard part  was to open door.. when i ever try to enter or exit it close to fast automatic. and sometime the chaser guy stuck front of the door so i had to wait around 3 mins in a room. alot of fps drop but still liked the game :) i know its beta but just mentioned, the door was the boss fight to me xD

(lets play in japanese)

i see, i hope it solves someday, but i still like it! btw some time dodging stuck to one direction if u didnt know, dont exactly know how it happened, i think, was around corner of area and spammed dodging and then dodge stuck at one direction xD sorry if im not specific. cheers!

dont know where to comment so ill just write it here, the environment and atmosphere undersea is unique and very cool! simple game not too big map nor hard but scary, if i can give some idea, would be great if the ''monster'' running faster when detected, and player could somehow throw something to distract it, like limited number of flash nade or trap, something would be awesome and more exciting even challenging, using wisely or maybe pick up some extra in some random room. more feature would make this game almost ideal to play as player xD. i want to make video of this, but i wanna wait abit till u have some upcomming idea of feature (if youre planning to), anyway great game! sorry if im talking too much of my own idea to mess your wonderful game, but i  just want to support, i love indie games :)

hi, tried out updated but still same issue with guard :( doesnt matter if i use keyboard or ps4 console. i still want to play this game cuz its awesome. btw i have one idea about stagger on boss when he get attacked when he stand still maybe a great thing! cheers!

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yes inventory works but not selecting item, but its not the problem i had, i closed the inventory with tab, but then screen is completely still, but i can move my mouse around and i cant walk too

hi, this looks cool but when u check inventory and go back to game, it freezes. not game itself but screen stays still and my mouse is movable. 

ah ok, i was confused on demo or pre alpha, was both then xD yeah i know it wasnt full game. just the scaring part was abit annoying and i was worring about it would break atmosphere. didnt critism about play length, i just wanted to give you idea of how long it took me to finish the demo so that can help u out. 50 level wow! that sounds great, ill come by later and play again :) i wish u my best!

hi, the game was ok.. it had nice atmosphere, but pretty poor scaring.. it was just loud and hurt ear instead of scaring. puzzle was good, but scaring scene werent that good.. way to cheap.. maybe better to give some creepy fade in scaring instead, just my thought, sounds harsh sorry but i cant lie. but i enjoyed the atmosphere!  my play time was around 5 mins if u wanted to know for future support. if i lack of info just ask me more about this, i forget to tell important stuff sometime. i wish u good luck in future!

wow now it getting even cooler! boss texture and some skill type attack :D but still guard button stuck, when i press it, characters arm moves just abit then quit.. feels impossible to beat boss without it or i need to git gud xD nice work anyway!

nice soul-like game, smooth and cool dodge effect! but LB guard doesnt work, i use ps4 console.

thank you too for sharing! sounds amazing! ill check it out once its uploaded! cant wait :D

I really loved the atmosphere, sense of scaring and creeped me off xD but just few part were abit poor animated scaring scene(i wont spoil which part) and the one key were abit too harsh to detect.. (found with luck actually) but over all, i enjoyed alot! great work! i wanted to play game like this :)

   (lets play video in japanese) 


this looks juicy! reminds me of dying light, i wish you a good luck and hope for maybe some partner to build this work with u :D  would be awesome

it works nice without flash now :) its pretty hard to survive but fun to play when you have some small break :D  maybe cool to have some mini boss and big boss if it doesnt already have. i only managed to kill up to 300. long way to go.. haha xD this kind of game maybe get more likes as smartphone game or so, just my preference and opinion :P i liked it nice work!

looks fun but.. the flashing prevents me to play it :( my eyes hurts 

haha cool game xD didnt expect so much of quality but it was very nice made! it was hard so i could only make to almost 7min haha, i like your humor too xD

(talking japanese in video tho)


i liked this game, creeped me well enough haha, but i got almost dizzy by fish eye view xD nice work!

(talking in japanese lets play)

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Hi! I love this game! honestly i was hoping for game like this for many years i couldnt find earlier.. especially designs of mech, custom/build, smooth action and cute girls xD i cant wait to see multi play too. cant wait for full game!

(talking in japanese in lets play)

this game was very fun and surrealistic haha, genius :D

(talking in japanese)

I didnt think i would be so high for package delivery xD simple and very nice game!

i was walking jumping up and looked around but i didnt find any keycard,  dunno if it was bug or not, after killing all monster i had to wait about 5 mins before a girl begin to talk and then stucked in room :P thank you too for sharing :D

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looks nice, but cant make video yet, i get stuck in a room after killing alot of monsters,  youre maybe planning to but, i hope u can put flash light xD it was abit too dark,  or maybe a  nightvision mode maybe looks cool too ! looking forward to play it again! nice beginning! 

nvm i havent read the comment below xD 

this game was fun! reminded me of ''home security'' that i couldnt finish the game.. but this game was something for me :D (lets play talk in japanese)

cool! i would like to :)

short but scared me pretty good enough haha nice game! creepy doll..xD

(let's play in japanese)