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haha ありがとう! and long time no see :)

looks yummy :) but to bad i dont own VR :(

ah i see, thanks anyway :)

looks very juicy.. but is this only for VR?

i made a new video of early access of the game! alot of update, im excited to play finished game! i hope you can change sound of sword melee attack tho xD but i still love it! 

(warning! its in japanese let's play!)

ah i though i would fall in to that pit if i stood on that plank at edge haha, always take a chance ive learned now for future xD thanks for sharing!

pretty cool traps around and castle.. i though some of -''souls'' boss would appear xD enjoyed for a while but then i dont know if this will be spoilers but cant get all 3 books in place, found them tho. dont know either if i can call it but cleared 2 endings xD nice work!

Thumbnail look abit kinkier than what i thought.. xD

(warning!! japanese lets play video! turn on subtitle)

yeah, but maybe fun to keep it this way xD my youtube-soul says so lol

hahaha yeah xD i hope i dont get banned for ''genius youtube translator''.. xD the truth of what i said was ''oh, granpa played tennis!'' xD

hahaha, must check more of those translations xD i felt oh my god when i mensioned about the ''tennis'' trophy and the translator went abit..nasty at 6:00 xD

ok i watched my own video with eng subtitle.. dam gave me best laugh this year xD translation must be a real youtuber ;D thanks for mentioning it lol, now i can enjoy my own video in other way! xD

thank you too for sharing! haha i must see that myself xD and yeah it correct japanese, and same wise for you ! :D

wonderful game! unique horror beautiful graphic and environment.. and dam radio ..xD my new trauma haha, great work! love ending :D

(warning!! japanese lets play video! :O)

it took a while to make video but i managed it haha, i love this unique style of horror! oxygen ran abit quick but exciting xD sound effect creeped me good, great work!

(warning!! lets play in japanese! :o)

i found the door underwater with purple light but it was shutted. did i miss anything than those 2 levers in same room?

i see only purple lights and done 2 levers after that im pretty lost, quite dark so  i cant find new path. the game itself  looks great tho!

is there any end in this version? i mean end screen of demo.

nice game! unexpected jumpscare things xD very nice atmosphere, just one thing about when you walk, wobbling abit too much almost got me screen-ill or whatever i should call it haha xD great work! thanks for sharing the game!

Under Playable Demo community · Created a new topic creepy!

nice game! enjoyed ship environment scary music and sound effect! enjoyed the game  thanks for sharing demo!

looks very nice game! i wish i had friend to play with xD

nice game, scared but more laugh xD walking was abit slow tho, nice work ! thanks for sharing!

yeah i should invite them somday xD

hmm i dont think so, but i used ds4 app to work with my ps4 console, maybe that caused xD anyway good to know that haha, thanks for sharing too!

i played solo and i loved it! abit too hard to solo tho xD i would love it 3 times more with friends to have fun or some random ppl if there were matching system! very cute animals and lovely graphic, great work!

dam this looks amazing! but sadly i dont have friends.. i mean, no friend to play with.. xD 

yeah i realized after second try, bad of me xD

(2 edits)

cant open doors, bug or it supposed to be like this? at first corridor.

nvm i dont know why but didnt see other path, must be tired xD cool game!

thank you for sharing the game :D

very nice game! i manage to finish it, just one thing when u start over again, you have to listen to the guy everytime was abit pain xD enjoyed it!

(japanese let's play)

guys! dam i love this game! high quality 3D/animation, beautiful, great atmosphere, unique ability got me surprised, great music, if i  forgot to mention something more just in case, I say I love all the work u made! just one thing..     I wanted to play more haha xD great work!

(let's play in japanese tho)

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scared me off alot and same time gave me a good laugh xD i like the humor! very nice game!
(japanese lets play)

awesome atmosphere, creepy building & beautiful oriental environment! i enjoyed alot of it, i loved the design, i really liked the night vision mode to make it scarier and creeped me off with heartbeating xD  on the third building part i dont know but i couldnt finish it to end i guess or i maybe missed something, tried to check around but couldnt pass. the most i had problem is at first stage, too much blur and couldnt type in correct password so i had to cut on video editor to not waste time haha(took about 2 mins before i could type in correct), maybe lesser blur would be good for both watcher and player so they dont get ill xD anyway very nice work! i wanna see chapter 2!

(lets play video both third building and forth person in japanese)

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very short but very nice made in 5 days! enjoyed it :D atmosphere were amazing, thats important to me!

it worked! thanks, is this a puzzle i need to understand french to solve? if that so ill wait for english version :D looks very beautiful! a game i just wanted!

i tried out, and it didnt work.. got an error

ok thanks! ill try it out!

Winrar, if u mean this.

i have over 50 gb, it doesnt work, been redownloading few times and says still i have no space

how large is this file..? i mean after download, it says i have to less space

ah ok, thanks anyway :) trailer was amazing!