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I've played a handful of free otome games at this point, and so far Halloween Otome is my favorite. I played a few months ago, and I still get all smiley remembering the different paths.

I personally think the best playing order is General path -> Mr. Wolf -> Mr. Bandages -> Mr. Count. Before I started playing I saw a review advising for Mr. Count last (thank you internet stranger!) and I think that really is the best way to go. At one of the earlier hints of the twist (talking to Erik in the kitchen during the midnight snack) my mind completely exploded and I went "OMG" at my partner for the next hour. It's so good because it makes a bunch of weird details from the other paths suddenly fall into place, like why the Count has been strangely silent / absent at the final party.

I originally played Mr. Bandages first after the general path because I expected to like his path the least - I didn't have much experience with tsundere characters and didn't understand how anyone could like someone who seemed like an obnoxious jerk - but I fell *hard* and I still like his ending the best. That letter at the end = <3 <3 <3.

Of the three romantic paths, Mr. Wolf's is a little less exciting but very sweet and adorable. All three of the guys were interesting and their paths were unique and worthwhile.

One of my favorite things about it that I haven't seen mentioned here is playing all the paths really enriches the overall story. Obviously, The Count's path has the huge bombshell. Mr. Bandages' path adds a lot of details about his relationship with Erik. But even smaller details, like hearing about how "some guy in a yellow sweater and hat" got harassed by people while you're visiting the local town (I want to say this was on Mr. Wolf's path, or maybe Mr. Bandages. I might have the details slightly off) are really nice touches.

Also, I loved the overall storyline. I have a weakness for competitions involving puzzles so I was hooked from the beginning.

Thank you for making this!


Thank you for playing!

A lot of people go into it expecting to dislike Mr Bandages and find themselves either pleasantly surprised. We're glad to hear that you're one of the them. It's good to hear that each path felt unique. We tried to make them as unique as we could while keeping the same plot line and chain of events.

The yellow sweater mention is on Mr Wolf's route. If you'd spent the first rest day with Yellow Sweater, Emma does think about him at that point before deciding not to say anything.

If you haven't already, you should checkout the Fan Book for more content.