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terrifying. omg.

so there's this other game i played once where you move to an old house in a small town you inherited. it was a long day driving there and picking up the key, youre alone till your spouse arrives and the sun is setting. it's a huge house and there's a lot to do, so you leave the packing boxes in the foyer and go upstairs, and get into bed. even though you're exhausted, you still toss and turn until you remember... you've forgotten to lock the door.

i quit the game after that because it stirred some kind of primal fear in me. this game reminded me of that. also, the possibly-real story of some robber in the neighborhood slipped under the garage door as it was closing and threatened the homeowner with a knife, who got scared off when the homeowner pressed the alarm key before they reached... when i was walking from car to front door i would check that the garage doors were closing all the way and nothing was sneaking under them. just a check. also that one time after i had a panic attack about driving somewhere, then went back downstairs and realized i had left the garage door open for about 2 hours.

my takeaway from this is that garage doors are a hotbed for horror.



Anchorhead by Michael Gentry. it's an interactive fiction (text) game and it's on steam or ifdb