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I love hearing from fellow deep thinkers! Thank you for sharing, especially in such great detail. I would say that you were getting there with the original post, and then the edit took you very close. Definitely go back and look closely at the details in the last two rooms. If you follow them in order, I think you'll be able to piece it all together. If you can tell me a sequence of events, or what you think happened, I'll fill in the rest.

I'm so happy to hear that you got goosebumps from my game, especially after your first time through it! Effective storytelling is only as good as one's ability to comprehend it. And I made the story pretty cryptic. But I'd like to think that the end result, though only understood by a few, is more rewarding to discover than a story completely accessible to the masses. I made this game for people like me, so it's always great to see responses like this, and know that those people are playing my games. Bigger games, and deeper stories are in the works as we speak!

Again, thanks for sharing. Really looking forward to hearing a final interpretation.