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The crystal rooms are already a flowbreaker for me so I'd love to minimize the time I spend there.

Interesting! Hopefully once they are more arted they will feel more like a mini-break similar to how camps provide a break from the action. Will have to see if that ends up being the case.

To me, the shop seeds seemed a bit expensive - why pay lots of crystals for them when I can just find them in the real world? I might be missing something but I often just skip it to save time.

Shops definitely become more important as you start reaching higher up the mountain and are looking for specific seed types to round out your build. Shop costs are definitely still really early -- I think you're right that the post-forest shop could probably use being a smidgen cheaper, and shops in later camps could definitely use being more expensive.

Also OH MAN THERE WAS THIS WORM and I actually murdered it using a mine seed. It felt AMAZING

Ahhh love stories like this ^^ Thanks for all the feedback!

Gotta 2nd the crystal room feedback. I wish I could see all the text bubbles all the time. Having to roll slightly to one side to see what something does feels like a waste of time.