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My god, this was so cute and cozy. I like the realistic portrayal of Jo's stress in moving to a new place and the adjustment period because it is genuinely a painful process. I'm just glad that Jo's story has a happy ending where she was saved by her work friends who were able to make that period in her life more bearable. It was also nice to see that we do try to flower for Jo but we, like Jo, aren't ready yet. It would have been nice if there was little dialogue on the reason why we couldn't flower, like how when Jo doesn't water us there's a line like "... you fail, your soil is too dry and your leaves are too shrivelled" and another attempt would be "... you fail, you wonder if Jo would even notice". Because sometimes it can be tiring to be with someone whose constantly at their low, it isn't malicious but everybody feeds off of other people's energy. And I think plants more so.

But I adore the ending, it was so wholesome and wonderful~!