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I love this game so much probably one of my favourites. So, I would be willing to make a translation from English to Polish, if you were willing to do this of course. I think I'm competent to do this kind of thing. Is there any way I could do such thing? Free of charge.

Of course I would appreciate translations of the game. I'd need an organized document of all dialogue, item text and battle text in order of appearance (knowing how to decompile and view the RPG Maker project file on your own would be best for this, otherwise you'll have to play through the game), and then I'd need another neutral, fluent person to verify the translation to see if it comes across the same.  Get in contact me if you go through with this and finish it so you can send me the document and I can include anything you might have missed. (PM on discord is probably the best way, although I may be slow to respond on there at first.)