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Oh, I didn't check tumblr in a while. Makes sense now! And I love Beau's design too... I think design-wise he's my favorite of the bunch!

In the meantime I did the endings of the other princes too, and while Mer is still my favorite of the ones currently accessible, I must admit I love them too. Snow was a very pleasant surprise since I usually don't like characters like him - but he's really cute and lovely.

Well, as I said about Mer's ending - I liked it, a lot. The issue isn't the ending itself, but the transition between the climax of the route and the ending - with some more explanations it would be perfect. I don't know about his other ending because I tend to stick to the first I got if I like it enough, and it was the case here.

And don't worry about the late reply - I don't always recieve notifications either.