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After hitting the spring into the second camp, my seed was inside the camp but the balance stick was stuck below the camp. I took a screenshot, but accidentally overwrote it, so you get an mspaint recreation of the events:

I couldn't move the stick up, but could move it down. After moving it down far enough my seed fell down, and I could resume moving up again. Unfortunately, as you can see in the screenshot, the spring was already sprung, so I was stuck.

Oh no this is, like, my least favorite bug -- I've seen it once before. Super sorry. Will look into resolving it soon since I know how frustrating this one is.

I just ran into this one, as well. I don't know if it has anything to do with it, since I haven't repeated this yet, but I was carrying the blue bubble for the teleporter, going into Region 3. (I see that's the same place Jamie ran into this?)

Also, I was almost able to get out of it, since I was able to lower the balance stick, but not raise it. Once it got so far down that the town wasn't visible anymore, the seed dropped down and I was able to resume using the stick as normal. The spring was sprung, though, so I couldn't progress up into the town...