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H there. Name's Esh, and I love to try and play some stuff for my videos. I happened upon your game and added it to this little video of 3 Scary Games (Yours begins at 27:33. Fair warning, the audio came out a little louder than intended).

First of all, I LOVE the narrative you have built up here. While I can imagine the mix of live-action and video game was done for convenience, it's an interesting storytelling device, and I got hooked in rather fast by the little snippets of the characters' life we see, though I could use some clarification on why we're watching VHS tapes if this still takes place in the early 2000s (and with such a gigantic TV!). It's spooky, it sneaks up on you, and it's intriguing. So great work there.

The  problem lies in the COMPLETE lack of a satisfying conclusion. Being presented with nothing but a choice that either kills you instantly or shuts off the game is incredibly unsatisfying, and having to watch all the tapes all over just to try the other option is infuriating. Even if this was more of an exercise in story telling, there has to be a carrot at the end of the stick, and an animated scene would have so much more impact after spending the game in an empty setting. 

It's a shame, cause everything leading up to that non-ending is actually pretty wonderful. I would love to see what else could be done with this.