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THIS GAME IS DELIGHTFUL AS HECK!!! I greatly enjoyed the loop of walking around, grabbing twigs and rocks and such while waiting for the day to end, alongside slowly making a very profitable cat cafe, complete with every furniture item and every cat on Nekojima!!! There were times where it felt a little slow, but I think those times were nice. Games with empty moments are nice!!! Also..... I'm unsure how many of the cats may be references, but I did greatly appreciate seeing Jiji.... Love that little guy; gasped when I saw it. AND HIS ACCOMPANYING KIKI..... Although I suppose that may just be a Kiki, but I'm gonna believe it's THAT Kiki!!! Other favorites were Kuro and Cocoa...!!!! But all these cats are beloved.... The only thing I would've instantly exploded from would be a black cat named Toffee, but such cats are infrequent, I suppose!!

'Twas an enjoyable grind for the ultimate cafe, rife with characters saying the strangest things (love the little quips and how... outright silly they are; also love the suspicious men (mostly) being absolute champions!!!), delicious foods, and some wonderful cats.... Thank you for making this!!!