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Love the look of the game.  Can't play it, no computer. 

  If anyone is looking for a new game idea how about Myth vs Ina. It starts out with Kiara getten kidnap by shrimps to Atlantis.  Calli goes to rescue her only to find Kiara and Gura just chilling.  Then Gura gets attacked by a dark figure turning her into Gawr and fighting Calli and Kiara.  After the fight their told to find Watson.  Leading to events of Myth's Bad Ending. If the player wins against Ina and AO (Ina sealing AO into the book) good ending with the debut streams playing, if not the bad ending plays.  Just a thought if anyone wants it.  I can't make it.

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I would totally play a game based on the Myth's Bad Ending and the events that precede it!

Wait, what's the difference between Gura and Gawr?

Gura would be more of a defensive fighter.  Putting buffs on the party.  Gawr would be her berserk mode.  Going all out when her HP hits critical.

So basically, Gawr is Gura in the Myth's Bad Ending animation when her eyes change from black to white.

yes.  Gura would become Gawr for one turn kind of like a limited break or a berserk mode in some games.  She would not be able move for one turn after using it though.  She could also change if her HP hits zero as a last resort move.  That's what I was thinking anyway.

Interesting. I like it.

But wouldn't she die if her HP hit 0? That's usually how games work, lol.

yes, but only after her attack.  I don't remember what game it was, but I do recall a last resort attack that happened when a character died.  Also FF VIII had a move where one of the character could revive the whole party even if everyone was died, if I recall right. So, the way it would work is her HP would hit zero, she would change into Gawr mode get off one final attack (even if it's the enemy turn a counter if you will) then fall unconscious. At least that's what I was thinking.

Gotcha. I suppose that makes sense.