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Will do!

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There's a text mistake I've found. On "A Step Towards the Future, Shishiro Botan", "When this card becomes (reversed), you may put this card into the memory" should be "When this card becomes (reversed), put this card into the memory" because it's not an optional effect (as much as I wish it was, lol.)

Also, "Internal Conflict, Yuuki" says "Auto" instead of "Act" for its second effect.

Gotcha. I suppose that makes sense.

Interesting. I like it.

But wouldn't she die if her HP hit 0? That's usually how games work, lol.

So basically, Gawr is Gura in the Myth's Bad Ending animation when her eyes change from black to white.

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I would totally play a game based on the Myth's Bad Ending and the events that precede it!

Wait, what's the difference between Gura and Gawr?


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Just found this today. Kinda crazy that you've been working on this for over a year and a half. I play Weiss Schwarz in real life (currently altering my Yuuki/Sinon SAO deck to be a Yuuki/Asuna deck), but it's really cool to see something like this actually being worked on. Just curious, but are you borrowing code from something like YGOPRO (Yu-Gi-Oh dueling simulator, which has a few different versions), or is this all from scratch? Either way, can't wait to see how this progresses!