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I got the "good" ending.

Here's what I did:

  • I don't think these matter but: I said I didn't mind the creepy painting, said I came to hang out with Vince, turned down the whiskey, said I wasn't sure if something weird was happening, talked to everybody, and told Lars it might be a puzzle.
  • For the first door (end of the demo), the entrance order is pretty easy to discern just from asking around- you might want to use pen and paper to keep track, though. Vince and Adam are unsure, but you get multiple guesses. The letters above the door correspond to people's initials, and the code is their corresponding numbers plus the corresponding number on their respective notes (so if the first letter is A, and Adam came in fifth, and his note says +2, then the first number on the door is 7). Not sure if the puzzle answer changes but for me it came to six-seven-nine-four-four.
  • Went with Pierce just because he seemed eager and I didn't want to rock the boat. This might have a mistake, given how things turn out.
  • White room: Talk with Pierce or whoever you came in with, and investigate everything. The number of petals on the flowers corresponds to numbers in the code, while the numbers underneath the flowers indicate the order those numbers go in... but not on the exit door. Check the leather couch twice, and you should find a hidden safe. The code goes there. (Again, not sure if it changes, but for me it was eight-six-four). Inside the safe you should find the names of the flowers, if you hadn't figured it out already, and once again their initials correspond to the word written above the exit keypad. (Again, not sure if it changes, but for me it was eight-six-four-five-eight.)
  • Said no one gets left behind.
  • When Lucky expressed discomfort with Steve, I let him know his feelings were legitimate and that he had my support.
  • Chose Lucky.
  • Dark neon room pt 1: This is a fun one, but, like the white room, requires some basic outside knowledge. Search everything and talk to your companion. You should find two equations with something like 1. C+M+Y+K=__ and 2. R+G+B=__ (with a two-pronged fork symbol under the right-hand side of them), the words "key is #", some numbers glowing different colors. and another hidden safe. CMYK stands for Cyan (light blue), Magenta (pinkish purplish), Yellow, and Key (or black), and RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue. The colors of the glowing numbers correspond to each of the initials. Once you've added them together (in equations 1. and 2.), you should get a two-digit number. Add the digits of that number together to get a single-digit number (one for each equation). Above the safe there's another engraving, "_ _ K". The single digit numbers you got from solving the equations will give you the first two digits, while K (as in key) was given to you. (The solution to the safe in my game was six-six-four.)
  • Dark neon room pt 2: Inside of the safe, you should find a business card with a simple displaced substitution cypher on it. (A->3, B->4, C->5 etc) and the words "print the rainbow). If you check the code above the door, you'll see a rainbow with a similar pattern of the two-pronged fork symbols from earlier. Remembering our elementary school friend Roy G. Biv, the exit code is the letters of the colors of the rainbow substituted with the cypher on the business card. Any time you get a two-digit number, there should be one of the two-pronged fork symbols, and that just means to add the digits together to get a single digit. For example, O for orange was 17, 1+7=8, so the second digit is 8, for a seven-digit exit code. (For me the solution was two-eight-nine-nine-four-two-six.) Punch it in and brace yourself.
  • Tried to find another way
  • Grabbed Pierce. (Dude was getting bellicose and I didn't want Vince to end up alone with him :/)
  • Dining room (gathering clues): Search everything, maybe twice, I can't remember. (I was here for a while.) Talked to Pierce twice- he finds a clue the second time. All told, you should find golden slates with the silhouettes of 7 animals on them: A toad with no label, a snail labeled "sloth", a pig labeled "gluttony", a peacock (not a turkey :P) with no label, and a chimera consisting of a snake, a goat, and a lion, labeled with "jealousy" and two blank spaces. You should also find four slips of paper confirming that you're looking at the seven deadly sins- "wrath", "lust", "greed", and "hubris". You should have an additional slab labeled "synonyms" with some pink splotches on it, and finally the exit code should have a series of blank spaces above it, with the animal silhouettes under them and text reading "dinner is served".
  • Dining room (solution): The toad is "wrath", the peacock is "hubris", the goat is "lust", and the lion is "wrath". The solutions to the synonyms page are lion->madness, toad->avarice, peacock->pride, snail->sloth, snake->envy. If you look where the pink splotches are, they only correspond to one letter on each line, so lion->m, toad->a, peacock->d, snail->t, snake->e. These are the only animals that appear on the "dinner is served" plate, and, when traded out for their corresponding letters, spell out an eight-letter word that serves as the exit code (remember it's in all caps.) Again, not sure if this is universal, but given the level of complexity in this puzzle I'm inclined to assume most of these details are consistent across different runs. In any event, the solution in my game was deadmeat
  • Helped him
  • Talked to everybody twice
  • Took Bart, left Pierce (figured if Bart turned out to be lying at least I'd be the only one in danger, and the other two could still get out safe...)
  • Flee
  • Fight
  • Final room: If somebody's reading this and skipping ahead because this walkthrough ends up in the google search results or whatever because indie games never get walkthroughs, and you're skipping around wondering if this is the right place because this is so poorly written and organized: hello. You'll know you're here after you've been knocked out twice and you wake up tied to a chair. This one is a little rough. You're presented with a grid of all eight characters and are expected to identify the killer. If you're wrong, you get a game over without too much more of a hint of where you got it wrong. If you've picked up on the killers' motives, you probably have a good pretty good idea of who it's *not*, and, if you're like me, you may have developed some guilty suspicions about a character or two who, upon reflection, never really seemed to be in any danger because they were just not the type of person the killer seemed to be upset with. (Maybe some characters who were almost encouraging you to pay attention to and understand what the killer was trying to tell you?) But the game throws a curve ball: There are three killers! They pulled a double-Scream. If you want the solution, I refuse to spoil it, but: click the one in the lower left-hand corner (nooo...), the one in the lower right-hand corner (noooooo!), and the one on the top row, third from the left (zuh?)
  • Say everyone has their own preferences
  • Say ____ isn't perfect
  • Speak calmly and genuinely

I'll probably go back through and explore things more thoroughly eventually, try to get the other endings (dunno if I'll go for the bad ones- I have trouble being mean, even in games, even to characters who broke my heart and killed me), but tbh right now I'm too emotionally exhausted. This is good stuff, but it is heavy. Went in expecting boners, walked away with manly tears.

Anyway, hope this helps.

It does thank you so much :-)