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I kept on changing the light settings but nothing happening to the point in if he likes the light in his room can you help me please

Is there a guide for this game??

I can’t wait


did anyone figure out the jack-o-lantern puzzle??

do you mean like the dark knights auras???

How do you beat Grant X??

by any chance are you going to post the walkthrough for the best ending??

nope I figured it out thank you so much it’s much different that YAGS

Can I have the walkthrough i'm having trouble please if you can?

what are the controls to hide the text box

Does anyone know how can I get information out of the snake with just 3 questions???

does anyone knows P name I’m stuck on the riddle 

After the torture horse where do i go next??


does anyone know how to unlock the “beats the book” event??

that would be awesome

how much is to get the full game and is there a place to preorder the full game until it's completion

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same over here

Somehow the game keeps crashing on me when i found the target at the park, can you help me i have a windows laptop

I think you have to grab the silver necklace the moment you arrive on the island

Have to See Rex by finding his number in your room and call him to meet up at the park bathroom to get Frank’s CG

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I did it but some apparently it’s not showing up on the look back at all and I’m still missing the CGs

I’m missing Alex sprite CG and I’m missing frank 3rd CG I need some help

I’m confused on how to get the guys I got Don on my first try and now I’m confused on how to get the remaining guys, can you help me with this problem

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where can I find some clothes???

is there a link to your Patreon?

So we have a choice on either waiting to paid for the game of just sign up on to your Patreon page??

where do I go to pre order the game until it’s completed??