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the first week is fine with me< do you know where i can get i

Where is the Walk through??

is there a walkthrough?

Do you have the walkthrough for Straight??

Where can I find the heat Occisia

thank you

Where can i find the save file???

Oh ok thank you

how do I beat It?? Can someone help me please..

wishing you the best of luck 

will there be any new updates

how do I unlocked them all I’m so confused

How do i start the Nasir route??

How do you start the Nasir route I’m so confused, can someone help me please??

It does thank you so much :-)

Will there be a Richard Route soon??

When is the next update will be

Let's Meat Adam community · Created a new topic Walkthrough

Does anyone have a walkthrough I keep getting the bad ending and it’s really confusing

Is there an uncensored Verizon??

And also I’m the story mode as well please do I really enjoy your game

this is where reinhard supposed to be but hes not there at all

some of the characters are disappearing and the at some scene it reappear and disappears again. can someone help me with this problem. i have a windows computer

When I finish battling the mage who has black magic they disappear beside Juleon and then the reappear when gear took off to find his gramps. Then My character, rein, Grizz, and Juleon went to the dungeon to help gear find his gramps they disappear again beside Juleon.

I met 2/3 guys already maybe I miss a guy??

Yes that was my ninth bug I can’t find the last one though

I need help I’m missing a bug I have nine is there a place i miss

what are the controls on this game can anyone tell me plz

for some apparently reason I don’t have the images gallery and I download your game off of here, so is the a way to get that fix???

will there be a Nasir’s Route???

I download your game but I can’t get pass the loading screen when I just finish the  tutorial battle.