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Thank you so much for playing!!! I tried to emulate true paralysis with not being able to do anything with some of the bad endings, but thank you so much for all your feedback!

I actually loved the paralysis ending.  Not only were the sounds and visuals creepy as hell, but the slowly dawning realization I was unable to do anything but quit the game was very effective.

I'm also curious about the trident-looking symbol on the gate and the tree, but unless I missed something I couldn't figure it out.  Maybe just dream symbolism?

I'm greatly heartened by this effort.  I've been wanting to make games literally my whole life but have never felt like I had the ability to do so.  This project gives me hope that there are tools I can work with that might let me do my own thing.

Thanks for this, I hope you continue to make more like this.

Thank you so much for you comment! It really is daunting to start making games but this project propelled me into it and now I'm more passionate than ever to continue making more!