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Hi Blackhelmet_Games, thank you for asking me to play your game. I have actually quite enjoyed playing it & have some thoughts which I have commented on at the end of the video.

The Good:
Great atmosphere, sound & lighting. The game does a good job at bringing you into it's world & it is very detailed where it needs to be.

The creature is cool & quite different from other Survival Horror games I have played & fits the theme nicely. Good to see it's NOT just an asset flip & this was a design by your team.

A good amount of Lore to find in terms of notes & extra bits of back story to give the player context.

Areas of improvement:
The creature follows a very linear path & it would be good to see it deviate from this in a future update. This will keep the player on his/her toes & allow for more varied gameplay.

Echo location wasn't needed at all so if you can think of something else to use it for that would be great.

No conclusion at the end. I thought we were looking for Levana? All we did was run away? Again, I know this is in beta but some form of context is needed otherwise the player has endured the struggle for nothing.

Doors, a single click to open instead of holding down the mouse button. 

The key at the end of the game in the box is very difficult to take, you have to be in a very awkward angle to get it. 

Candle that you carry needs a flame attached.

Really enjoyed the game & can't wait to see your next update. Please keep up the good work & I look forward to speaking with you soon. Enjoy the video.

Thank you very much for playing and all this feedback we will look carefully and for the next version we will apply everything.
The version that is available for download right now is so you can try how it will be played and a little lore.
The house will be similar but will have some changes, and you can leave it by accessing other areas to complet the story.
It will have many fixes like the problem of doors and some bugs of artificial intelligence.
With this version we wanted to express that the whole game will be around that enemies are deaf and how to make noise can help you disorient them but making noise can also kill you.

Thank you very much for playing the game and for all the feedback

very much appreciated ^-^