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I truly love this game. It has the potential to be polished into a must own for all VR players. I have noticed a few uncomfortable parts of the game that would make me lose interest over time.

1. Being able to pick up an enemy and swing them around till everyone dies is cheap. They should be able to break out of a hold somehow.

2. The random system of weapons and enemies can be very cruel. 1 shield and bow is almost impossible without grabbing an enemy in some scenarios.

The issue with both of these is that it breaks my flow. After a while, I stop having fun and start relying on same old tactics because the situation is too easy or too hard. Ultimately that is what will make me put the game down.

Enemy difficulty can be variable based on weapons, Armour, speed and size. I would advise against adding any new gladiators until you are able to match a difficulty rating to a players ability using those stats alone.

Weapon selection will ultimately come down to a game of rock/paper/scissors for highly skilled experienced players. Spear beats sword guys, Mace beats spear(you can knock it out of the way easily and it is more firm), The fact you made the spear so difficult to control means deep down I think you know this and I could not have more high regard for your work because of this. When developing the main quest or waves in the complete game, keep this in mind. Let the players use each weapon to its advantage and select the right one sometimes.

The ability for this game to cater to both a new player and potential for the pro makes it the most diamond in the rough VR game I have seen. Keep up the amazing work.

My wife can't handle all the blood, might want to make that a feature you can opt out of.

hey, thanks for the great feedback!

Yeah, when I demo the game to people I tell them that grabbing = cheating. I really need to still figure that out! And the Steam version of the game will have a much different progression than the "random fights" setup there is now.

There will also be a "reduced violence" option in the final version of the game.