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How do you get out of the loop?

Can you?

Is it the loop the end of the pilot?

also putting the file explorer in or next to the game, and/or attached would be helpful. I was finding myself clicking the task bar a lot, messing with the flow of the game (it could just be me) or if you made it so you could manipulate the window to make it split screen would be great. And making control scheme wasd so you find a pistol and have to solve puzzles by shooting wires or so you can pickup/code in something to throw at a button would be really cool, putting game play and file exploring together. And (lots of ands) if you want to add a car chase scene (which would be cool) put some Easter eggs (it would be cool).

Apart from the how to do your job, i found the game intriguing, constantly making me on edge looking around every corner for the killer or some one with a weapon.I'm exited how the Developers will continue this game. 

I have high hopes.


Hey pr3tzil,

thanks for sharing your experience :)

We are glad you liked it, and we are always curious about feelings and ideas that may come out playing the game! We are looking into ways to let the player feel a more seamless experience with the file manager, and some kind of integration would be useful in various ways.

This project has been created with a 0 budget, but if it get enough traction we may think about a kickstarter and release more complex scenes and puzzles (for example a chase scene you mentioned above ;) ).

Also, please share the game with your friends and spread the love!